- WSL / Ed Sloane

Duck diving is a wonderful thing, isn't it? Effortlessly gliding beneath a wave, popping up behind it, your face stinging with an offshore breeze laden with spray. Oh, it's good. But sometimes, a duck dive ain't going to cut it. A roaring wall of water barrels towards you, and you're in the exact wrong place. That's when you simply dive off and get as deep as you can.

But how to know when to duck dive and when to bail? Well, it's generally pretty obvious. You know your own limitations, after all (you do, right?). But there's a lot that goes into it -- especially if you really want to maximize the effectiveness. Nate Florence has a bit of experience at duck diving and bailing, and a few months ago, he released a little tutorial on duck diving, bailing, and when, where, and how to do both of them.

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