The Gold Coast may be a darling of the surf world, with its perfect sand-bottom point breaks, but just south of the border between Queensland and New South Wales there's another fruitful surf zone which is about to be thrust into the limelight.

The Tweed Coast Pro will bring some of the best surfers in Australia together for a strike-mission style, broadcast-only event on the Tweed Coast. WSL competitors will be given just three days' notice within the competition window (September and October) for an event to run at either Cabarita Beach or Fingal Head.

The Tweed Coast Pro is part of the Australian Grand Slam, which in turn forms a portion of the WSL Countdown Series through which professional surfing has made a return in 2020. So, what can competitors expect on the Tweed?

It's a beach-break paradise, with swell-magnet beaches that pick up any juice on offer. Couple that with a few convenient headlands which provide some protection from the North East winds which dominate during this time of year and an aggregation point for some well-place sand, and you've got a recipe for ultra consistent, quality waves.

While the Tweed may fly under the radar, it's highly likely you've seen footage of some of the surfers who live around the New South Wales-Queensland border enjoying some hollow, large and potentially jet-ski assisted waves during the recent run of swell the region was blessed with. Here's a few cases in point:

The litany of exposed, open beaches can sometimes become a dog's breakfast of swell and wind, but when the conditions come together there are well and truly world-class waves on offer in this part of the world.

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