- WSL / Matt Dunbar

The extended COVID offseason has been a major adjustment to surfers who are used to traveling the entire year. The first few months were the hardest with beaches around the world on full lockdown. This forced surfers to get creative in their training, and when beaches finally opened up, they started going harder than ever.

For Kanoa Igarashi, this meant working directly on his weaknesses. Once surfing was reallowed in Tahiti, he flew down to Teahupo'o to practice his backhand barrel riding in hollow slabs.

"We filmed the Hawaii part right before the pandemic hit and then we were able to escape during quarantine to Tahiti for the end section. Kanoa wanted to surf these waves because he knew where his weakness was and wanted to put himself in the environment that he needed the most work on," says filmmaker Tanner Carney.

"We were over sitting at home locked in and needed to get out. Luckily a sneaky swell was coming through Tahiti and we got the next flight out."

Titled "SILENCE", Kanoa and Tanner flew under the radar and refrained from posting on social media before releasing the edit. Made up of one week in Hawaii and one week in Tahiti, "SILENCE" captures Kanoa's relentless approach to improving his weak points. And it will inspire you to do the same.

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