In his latest pursuit, 2x World Champion Gabriel Medina just launched a new line of user-friendly surfboard: Medina Softboards.

Inspired by the modern fish template, these softboards are built to go well in a myriad of conditions and enjoyed by surfers of all ability levels, from beginning groms to world champs.

According to what's available online, Medina is starting with one model for sale in five graphic variations. The dimensions for the new board are 5'0 x 21 1/4 x 2 3/4 - 38L.

The board was designed to be fast and forgiving. Featuring a twin-fin setup, Medina gives you the option to choose your set up: FCSII or FUTURES.

You can expect the board to paddle like a boat but perform better than most softboards. With its low entry rocker and a rubberized deck it looks perfect for those days you just want to paddle out and have fun...even if you're the two-time World Champ.

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