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This story was originally published by The Inertia.

Mason Ho has certainly found his surf vlog niche and really leaned into it. Ben Gravy is perpetually on the hunt for novelty waves - the kind of weird stuff most wouldn't stop the car for during a surf check. Jamie O'Brien is in 24/7/365, full-send mode and anybody in his sphere is liable to be coerced into the same. Meanwhile, Mason is all about finding something gnarly in the otherwise untouchable.

Case in point: most humans see Rockpiles when the North Shore is firing and want nothing to do with it. The place is sketch no matter what the conditions are. But Mason sees baby barrels breaking over its namesake boulders on a miniature summer day and says, "I'll just surf over them."

Getting a P.O.V. experience of the whole thing is equal parts fascinating and nerve wracking. You can almost feel the reef cuts every time you hold your breath. But then you realize not only does Ho enjoy an entire session of this without any bloodshed, but the sacrificial board he brought with him miraculously escapes without a single ding.

Only Mason Ho.

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