- WSL / Damea Dorsey

Kelly Slater keeps popping up all over Into. First he was caught sharing barrels at Padang. Then he hoped a boat across the Lombok Straight for a yet-to-be-seen session at Desert Point with the WSL's own Strider Wasilewski. And now he's surfaced on a playful day at Keramas.

Kelly's been pretty tight lipped about it all and hasn't been posting anything about his Indo sojurn, but Bali's a small place and it's hard for somebody like the GOAT to move around without being spotted, and thanks to some dedicated filmers -- and Strider's Instagram feed -- we have been able to follow along on the ride.

This latest cut from the Surfers Of Bali YouTube channel has Kelly looking spry and loose on a day at Keramas that can only be described as rippable. If there was ever any question about what kind of form the 48-year-old, 11-time World Champ might be in when the Championship Tour eventually returns, from barrels to turns, he's looking as good as ever...and seems to be having a ball with his friends in Bali.

Translation: Indo's been good to Kelly and he's going to be dangerous in 2021.

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