- Tommy Pierucki

Elite-level competitive longboarding is about to return with the first-ever event to be held under stadium lights at the Surf Ranch. The Cuervo Surf Ranch Classic will meld the rich history of longboard culture and surfing with state-of-the art technology.

The event will be broadcast on on Sunday, October 18th at 5pm ET on WorldSurfLeague.com and Fox Sports.

Broadcast as a one-hour presentation, this must-watch feature will showcase the world's best longboarders while weaving in behind-the-scenes and interview moments -- that means all of the action and none of the downtime.

Legends such as Joel Tudor and Kassia Meador will compete alongside athletes that represent a continuation of the legacy of logging, so be sure to tune in on October 18th.

It will be the first time some of the world's most stylish surfers have been in a jersey since the Noosa Longboard Open in February, and will provide a snapshot into how some of these athletes will approach the Longboard Tour once it resumes soon.

The World's Most Stylish Longboarders Compete at Surf Ranch
Kassia Meador, Alex Knost, Justin Quintal, and 12 of the world's best longboarders head inland for an all-day contest at Surf Ranch.


The Cuervo Surf Ranch Classic is an individual competition format with a Men's and Women's draw, each comprised of six surfers.

Competition will start with three-person heats, with the first and second-placed athletes from these opening rounds moving into the Semifinals.

The respective winners of these Semifinal heats will then surf against one another in the Final.

Who Is Competing?


  • Kaniela Stewart
  • Joel Tudor
  • Kai Sallas
  • Justin Quintal
  • Kevin Skavarna
  • Alex Knost


  • Soleil Errico
  • Avalon Gall
  • Honolua Blomfield
  • Kelis Kaleopaa
  • Lindsay Steinriede
  • Kassia Meador

Prize Money:

Athletes are competing for charity and a donation will be made in their name ($5,000 for Women's and $5,000 for Men's) to one of these charities:

  • Heal the Bay
  • Santa Barbara Channel Keeper
  • Changing Tides Foundation
  • Youth Mentoring Connection
  • The Young and the Brave
Alex Knost will be competing under the stadium lights at the Surf Ranch. Alex Knost will be competing under stadium lights - JJ Wessels

Specialty Contests

In addition to the individual competition format detailed above, this event will include specialty contests.

Timed Noseride: Each surfer gets one chance (one wave) for the longest nose ride from start to finish of the wave. This is a timed noseride event to determine longest nose ride (toes over the nose), but added points will be awarded for critical nature of ride (level of difficulty) to help determine the best ride of all. Winner will receive a custom Wayne Rich Surfboard.

Agave Board Sessions: Some of the world's best longboard surfers will ride custom-made agave wood surf craft by Wayne Rich Surfboards and Channel Islands Surfboards. The core (surfboard blank) is made from 100% reclaimed agave wood, and shaped by hand courtesy of Wayne Rich and Britt Merrick.

This is a fun way for the surfers to connect with the roots of surfing (Early surfboards were made of wood before the invention of polyurethane foam in 1959). Watch the beauty of the lines these surfers draw on these traditionally built surfboards here.

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