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Serendipitous interactions with sea life are one of the many reasons surfing is so special. Few, if any, sports require us to be as mindful of the presence of wildlife. And more often than not, for us surfers, sharing the lineup with dolphins, seals, and other sealife make for better stories than the waves themselves.

That's exactly what happened in Australia on Wednesday. In a 'one in a million moment', dolphins, bait fish, and two Bryde's Whales joined local surfers in the lineup at Seven Mile Beach near Lennox Head. And the whole interaction was captured by drone photographer, Daniel Cook, who shared the story with the Daily Mail Australia.

"It was just amazing to see how the surfers came into contact with the whales," Cook said. 'I don't think anyone actually touched the whales. Everyone was pretty mindful of the dolphins and whales near them."

The most compelling part of the footage is how respectful the surfers were to the wildlife. These beautiful 20+ ton mammals glided effortlessly into waves like torpedos while surfers gazed in awe and calmy paddled around them.

Magical moments like these are what keep us surfing every chance we get. And this beautiful interaction is a gentle reminder to always bring respect to the lineup.

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