- Tommy Pierucki

We've seen plenty of waves ridden at the Surf Ranch, but never the world's most stylish longboarders lit up under stadium lights, as they were during the Cuervo Surf Ranch Classic.

Bringing a handful of the best loggers to Lemoore, the unique event saw some of them pull the jersey back on for the first time since last year. It also meant that a rich, deep history of style ran up against the cutting edge of surf technology -- and as you can see, the results were stunning.

We're used to thinking of the wave at The Ranch as a canvass for performance and progression, but it's clear that the consistent perfection which is on tap can also bring out the best in the classic, soulful expression of traditional longboarding.

Just as that racing, hollow wall allows a shortboarder to try almost anything, on repeat, it's also just right for a pitch-perfect trim and extended tip time. Tune in to watch all the action on Sunday, October 18th at 5pm ET.

Justin Quintal Puts The Jersey Back On For The First Time In 2020

Tommy Pierucki Justin Quintal - Tommy Pierucki

2019 World Longboard Champ Justin Quintal will be pulling on the jersey for the first time since competing in the Taiwan Open World Longboard Championships last December.

After winning two events last year, he's the man to beat this Sunday at the Cuervo Surf Ranch Classic.

Honolua Bloomfield Brings Her Effortless Hawaiian Grace To Lemoore

Kenny Morris Honolua Blomfield - WSL / Kenny Morris

Bringing her effortless Hawaiian grace to the lights of Lemoore, Honolua Blomfield, the reining Longboard World Champion, puts on a brilliant show no matter where in the world she's surfing.

Blomfield has been on the Women's Longboard Tour for eight years and counting. With two world titles under her belt, the young Hawaiian will continue to compete against the worlds best and showcase her impeccable style.

San Diego's Joel Tudor With Style Under The Lights

Tommy Pierucki Joel Tudor - Tommy Pierucki

The godfather of modern logging, Joel Tudor, back in a jersey after his win at Noosa earlier this year.

16 years since his last World Title, Joel Tudor has his sights set on winning a third World Title in the coming years. He's done more than anyone to inspire the next generation of longboarders.

Soleil Errico Is One To Watch Out For At The Cuervo Surf Ranch Classic

Kenny Morris Soleil Errico - Kenny Morris

2018 World Longboard Champion Soleil Errico grew up in Kauai but today is a regular out at Malibu, and given how good she is on the classic California right point, expect big things of her in Lemmore.

The Future Of Classic Longboard Surfing: Kaniela Stewart

Tommy Pierucki Kaniela Stewart - Tommy Pierucki

With style and talent for days, Kaniela Stewart is considered by many to be the future of classic longboard surfing.

The Hawaiian grew up surfing Waikiki beach on the South Shore of Oahu. At only 18 years of age he is already one to look out for among the worlds best.

Avalon Gall Channels Her Power At The Ranch

Avalon Gall Avalon Gall - WSL / Kenny Morris

When last we saw Laguna Beach's Avalon Gall she was styling at the Noosa Longboard Open. Back in the jersey again, her Brooks Street upbringing is sure to serve her well in the power zone at the Surf Ranch.

Skvarna Journeys Up The Coast To The Central Valley

Kenny Morris Kevin Skvarna - WSL / Kenny Morris

Three hundred miles from Old Man's, Kevin Skvarna will be taking his act from San Onofre to the Central Valley.

Skvarna's best result on the Men's Longboard Tour was a second-place finish at the 2020 Noosa Longboard Open that took place in late February.

Tube Finder: Kassia Meador

Kassia Meador Kassia Meador - WSL / Kenny Morris

Kassia Meador, perfectly positions and positively tubed.

Meador started surfing at 14-years-old and has been in love with the lifestyle ever since. With the experience she has on the peeling right handers of the Malibu coastline, we can expect her to bring that same style and grace to Lemoore.

Blomfield, In The Zone...

Tommy Pierucki Honolua Bloomfield - Tommy Pierucki

Honolua Blomfield gets into the zone while parking it in an iconic Surf Ranch barrel.

...And Lindsay Steinriede In Her Happy Place.

Lindsay Steinriede Lindsay Steinriede - WSL / Kenny Morris

Lindsay Steinriede making it look all too easy. Steinriede joined the Womens Longboard Tour in 2011 and continues to bring her A-game to competition.

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