- WSL / Tony Heff

If you want to keep something especially valuable, it helps to restrict supply. Diamonds and fine wine are a good example, as is a freesurf edit from two-time World Champion Gabriel Medina.

They don't come out very often. But when they do, it's obvious they're a top-shelf product. This latest edit shows Medina at home in Brasil, away from the wonderful madness of the Tour, which should be kicking off again very soon.

He manages to find quite a few chunky lefts. They're no Pipeline, but they are a reminder of why we love watching Medina in Hawaii, in the world's heaviest waves.

Remember, that's where the Tour is set to kick off in December. This is our best preview yet of how Medina will be coming into the 2021 Tour. Hint: he's as primed as almost anyone else on the Men's Championship Tour to begin a campaign in Hawaii.

That's going to be a new way of approaching the year that will throw a spanner in the works for some -- it's a far cry from getting things underway at a sand-bottom point-break on the Gold Coast.

Medina excels in big, hollow lefts which he attacks with reckless abandon, so get set to see this competitive phenomenon back in a jersey very soon.

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