From time to time The Lineup Podcast with Dave Prodan watches a heat from the past with a current guest in a segment called "The Lineup Rearview."

When 1978 World Champ Rabbit Bartholomew sat down for a chat recently, Dave wanted to pick his brain and find out who is next up to take a crack at the crown. The heat these two watch is Ethan Ewing versus Owen Wright at the 2020 Tweed Coast Pro. Ethan got the best of Owen winning this Quarterfinal at the Tweed Coast Pro - Specialty Heats 15.37 to 12.80.

From watching Ethan throughout the Australia Grand Slam his game is looking tight, Dave and Rabbit even agree that his style is reminiscent of none other than the late, great, Andy Irons.

Rabbit believes rookie Jack Robinson's skill set is there but is not sure if he is mature enough to put it all together to make a serious run at the title early on.

The boys talk how Julian Wilson and Owen Wright having a year off tour in the prime of their careers might be problematic as well.

Check this clip and see who Rabbit thinks has a chance to the weather the Brazilian Strom in 2021.

Breaking Down World Title Contenders with Rabbit Bartholomew | The Lineup Rearview
1978 World Champion/Dream Tour architect "Rabbit" Bartholomew talks Aussie World Title Contenders while watching Ethan Ewing vs Owen Wright at the Tweed Coast Pro.
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