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The progression of the sport of surfing is unceasing. As soon as one generation claws their way into the spotlight, the next hot grom is waiting in the wings to knock them out of it. Of course, it's all good natured, but the fact remains, those on top are marked by those coming up.

Such is the case with the next crop of Aussies on the rise. Among this up-and-coming generation is 17-year-old Joel Vaughan. With impeccable style and a full bag of tricks, he just released a new edit called "Blade," and truth be told, it cuts like a knife.

"I've been really inspired by Italo [Ferreira] and Ethan Ewing at the moment because of how explosive italo is in the air and how smooth and powerful Ethan's turns are," explained Joel when he caught up with the WSL.

Watch Rising Aussie Star Joel Vaughan In "Blade"
A glimpse into where the future of surfing Down Under may be headed.

And in honor of another of his heroes, Mikey Wright, Joel's currently rocking the second-best mullet in Australia. Just wait until he's old enough to grow out the neck beard.

"Over the last couple of months I've have started appreciating and enjoying surfing because I don't have to worry about comps and I have just been surfing for the joy and fun of it," he continued. "I think I am mostly looking forward to just get the jersey back on and get the ball rolling again."

Posted up at home at Shelly Beach in New South Wales, he's been stacking clips at his local beachies and slabs, as well as fine tuning his quiver. And to be sure, his boards are looking good under his feet.

"I'm riding Pyzel Surfboards that are shaped on the Gold Coast. In my quiver at the moment I have a 5'10" Ghost that goes amazing through the barrel, a 5'10" Radius round tail that's absolutely magic in every condition from 1- to 6-foot, and a 5'10" Voyager 1 that's goes sick in the air," describes Joel.

"It has definitely been weird coming through the juniors at the moment because I'm really unsure on what's is happening in the future, but I have been surfing everyday and improving on as much of my surfing as possible so it's has been a good time to not worry about comps and just surf," he adds.

Based on what we're seeing here, when it's time to pull on that jersey again Joel's going to not just be a threat to his peers among the junior ranks, but anybody he faces. The future's already knocking on the door.

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