- WSL / Ho & Pringle Productions

Mason Ho has made a career out of rocky dancing at Rocky Point and making weird waves look stupidly fun, but turn him loose on a rippable canvas like Velzyland and his incredible talent and style shine through like solid gold.

Easily one of the most high-performance waves on the North Shore, for a long time V-Land was a locals-only affair, which afforded a young Mason the opportunity to hone his skills thanks to the Ho family's distinguished position in the North Shore community. Like most spots, it's a little more crowded these days, but given that he's spent his whole life surfing here, Mase has the joint completely wired -- and it's really fun to watch.

Deep fading bottom turns, slingshots in the barrel, crisp, clean, classic surfing, it's the kind of video that makes you want to paddle out and shred ... but then most of Mason's edits do that, hence the man's genius.

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