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Kai Lenny makes it look too easy. And that's why it's easy to forget that he's won numerous big-wave surfing events, eight paddleboarding world championships, kitesurfing and windsurfing championships and helped pioneer hydrofoiling, all before turning 30.

But you're about to get an all-access pass that shows just how much effort and preparation goes into Lenny's adventures in the ocean, such as hydrofoiling the largest waves in the world at Portugal's Nazare.

Red Bull's The Life of Kai -- to premier on November 18 -- will see a crew follow the multi-craft maestro around the world during the 2019-2020 big-wave competition season, so that you get to find out exactly what it takes.

Life of Kai Surfing some of the biggest waves on the planet is just one of Kai's many skills - WSL

"Growing up on Maui as the son of two lifelong windsurfers, all I ever wanted to do was be in the ocean," Kai told Red Bull.

"It was the one place I felt most connected, particularly in big waves. As I grew, I wanted to expand that connection, so I tried as many different disciplines on the ocean as I could. This series represents me chasing that connection around the world."

Life of Kai Growing up in Maui gave Kai access to all sorts of different waves and watersports - WSL / Jake Marote

Often, we see it all come together -- when everything goes right. But this series aims to provide a glimpse into the raw emotion and preparation that is required to even make it out on a big day at a spot like Nazare -- let alone catch a wave.

So tune in on November 18 at Red Bull TV to discover what it's like to live the Life of Kai.

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