The 2020/21 winter season came in like a lion last week. And there were no shortage of filmers well positioned to document the action at the Banzai reef. From pumping barrels to unfolding contest drama, in the aftermath, some of our favorite surfers have been dropping heat on YouTube. Here are a few of our favorites:

Jamie O'Brien: Banzai Pipeline Is Back! (Biggest Swell Of The Year)

You didn't think JOB was going to be somewhere else for this swell? These are the days he lives for. But before things got too serious he dipped into Waimea Shorebreak to grom out with the local crew. And when the swell hits, his behind-the-scenes look at pre-session prep offers a great look at what it means to charge Pipe -- including the extra thick leash.

Mason Ho: Pipe Masters Trials 2020

He may not have got the result he wanted at the Pipe Invitational, but Mason Ho puts his heart and soul into everything he does and his new edit celebrates all the bombs him and his friends enjoyed during the trials event. It's been said a lot, but just being out at A-plus Pipe with a couple other surfers is a pretty big win in and of itself.

Italo Ferreira: Hawaii 2020 Part 1

You knew that Italo was going to bring some heat to the party. From his endless highlight reel in th water, to talking boards with Shane Dorian at the Billabong house and a day of fishing, Italo knows how to make the most of Hawaii. Always smiling, always psyched, always in motion, you can't help but watch and enjoy.

Griffin Colapinto: Cola Bros Ripping

Griffin Colapinto has been hanging with the Moniz family on the North Shore for years. He's an old hat when it comes to his knowledge of the stretch of reef from Pipe to Rockpiles. Supremely comfortably at Backdoor and Off The Wall, all the time logged has clearly paid off.

Leonardo Fioravanti: Qualifying For the 2021 Championship Tour

Leonardo Fioravanti takes us through the 6am drive, preheat nerves, and epc finale. After winning two of his three heats out at Pipeline against Mikey Wright, Fioravanti rightfully gained the wild card injury replacement spot on the 2021 Championship Tour.

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