17: Kelly Slater's Against All Odds Comeback

17: Kelly Slater's Against All Odds Comeback

In 1998, the Aussies were rallying against the domination of Kelly Slater, with Mick Campbell and Danny Wills holding the ratings lead heading into Hawaii. In the weeks prior to the event, Campbell and Wills returned home to Australia and dug into an intense training regimen. Meanwhile, Slater-in 3rd place-went straight to Hawaii and started surfing Pipeline. When the contest began in solid waves, Campbell-needing only a 17th to claim the title-fell on two key drops and lost his chance. Danny Wills only needed a quarterfinal finish to win, but lost in the 3rd round after bungling a standard bottom turn. Now Slater needed a 3rd place finish to steal the title from Wills, and his quarterfinal showdown with Rob Machado in pumping surf was reminiscent of their infamous "High Five" heat three years earlier. Slater took the heat and the title. Of course.


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