The holidays are a perfect time to splurge guilt-free on that new board you've been eying all year ... as a gift for someone you love, of course. Keeping in mind that every surfer's needs are different, we've put together a wish list with a ton of alternatives for all the wave-riders out there. From cold water protection to our favorite boardshorts for the islands, a holiday gift guide for the surfer in your life that may or may not have everything:

El Tomo Fish - $845 USD

The fish is the perfect daily driver for places where the waves are usually pretty small and gutless, like Southern California. A board like the El Tomo Fish is versatile and reliable, and when the waves get good, there's nothing like flying down the line faster than anyone in the lineup.

The El Tomo was inspired by the design of jet fighters, which is why it looks so futuristic. It's got a bump wing to double-diamond tail profile, giving it more modern performance than a retro fish. Just watch Koa take it out in pretty solid conditions on the North Shore.

Some alternatives:

Koa Unboxes: The El Tomo Fish
Koa Smith explores the radical design of the El Tomo Fish before testing out in the Hawaiian surf.

Flashbomb Heatseeker 4/3 Chest Zip E6 Wetsuit - $474.95 USD

If you want to strike the balance between warmth and stretch, the Rip Curl Flashbomb Heatseeker E6 is the latest and greatest in wetsuit design. The Flex Energy neoprene actually generates heat when stretched and the Flashbomb is known as the quickest drying wetsuit on the market, so you'll be more inclined to surf those double sessions on the coldest of days.

Some alternatives:

Rip Curl Flashbomb Wetsuit - WSL / Rip Curl

John John Techflex Fins (L) - Futures - $130 USD

As you might expect, the John John Techflex from Futures has the perfect hold for heavy, hollow conditions, and just enough flex to spring you smoothly through your turns. According to Futures, "This template is a scaled-up version of the medium template that John John Florence rode exclusively to back-to-back World Championships." Like board and wetsuit design, fin technology has come along way, and it can get complicated to choose the best fins for your sled, but to the average Joe, your best bet is riding something that's balanced, with a neutral template like these.

Note: Scale your fins according to your height and weight.

John John Techflex Futures John John Techflex Futures - WSL / Futures

Vans Surf Boot Hi V 3MM - $80 USD

If you've done a lot of surfing in colder climates, you'd know that a good pair of booties can be your best friend on those extra chilly mornings. And, of course, in a lot of places in the world, they're essential. Enter the Vans Surf Boot Hi V 3MM. Designed with their classic Vans grip on the sole, sides, and toes, these booties provide the most grip out of any booties on the market. But unlike most, these are equipped with a perforated neoprene outsole which regulates temperature and prevents too much water from pooling up. Plus, they look really rad.

Vans Surf Boot 2 HI V Vans Surf Boot 2 HI V - Vans

Hurley Women's Advantage Plus 0.5mm Windskin Jacket - $54 USD

If you are spending the holiday season in a tropical paradise, this Hurley women's windskin wetsuit jacket is the perfect gift. It's lightweight and made for protection against wind and sun so that you can spend extra time in the water. It is the perfect cover up to aid against the elements. With a half zip, the wetsuit jacket has an adjustable fit for different body types. The metallic silver floral designs on the sleeves also give it a flashy, clean look.

Advantage Plus 0.5mm Windskin Jacket Advantage Plus 0.5mm Windskin Jacket - Hurley

AI Forever Airlight Board Shorts - $69.95 USD

These board shorts were designed in loving memory of three-time World Champ Andy Irons and his iconic print he proudly wore to victory for his multiple Pipe Master wins. Built with recycled 4-way stretched fabric, you'll be getting modern performance and comfort with one of the most classic prints in surf history.

Billabong Boardshorts - WSL / Billabong

Aloha Collection MAX Pinstripe Pouch - $44.00

The Aloha Collection MAX Pouch is the perfect gift for any surfer. It holds everything and anything as well as is made with a water resistant fabric to keep your gear safe from spills. From wax, to fins, to swimsuits, and more the MAX pouch holds it all. It also includes an interior zip pocket for keeping small items safe and organized. The pouches come in different colors and floral designs for whoever your special someone is.

Aloha Collection MAX Pinstripe Pouch Aloha Collection MAX Pinstripe Pouch - Aloha Collection

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