- WSL / Tony Heff

Pipeline is the jewel of the North Shore but in its immediate orbit are several waves almost as challenging and perhaps almost as scary in their own way. Yago Dora has been posted up on the North Shore, and his latest edit shows just how challenging surfing Haleiwa can be.

It's big, shifty and scary. Sit in the wrong spot and you're going to get cleaned up. And if you fall -- as Yago did -- who knows how many sets you're going to have to wear on the head until you can make it to safety.

Yago has also scored some bombs at Pipe and generally made the most of his time on the North Shore -- while he's best known for his airs and progressive surfing, he's got a timeless backhand approach as well, and tube style for days.

Check out how Yago have been navigating some of the most famous lineups in the world lately.

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