After releasing "Muse" part 1 back in October, it's safe to say that Hanneman solidified his presence as one of the best young surfers in the world. Shot in Indonesia and at home on Maui, the 17-year-old surfer demonstrated a mastery over his craft unlike most surfers his age. His airs put him on the map, but his fearless approach in waves of consequence kept him in the spotlight.

Now he's back with part 2 where he keeps it mellow, cruising through California and the Surf Ranch. Hanneman admits to the burnout and frustration he used to experience when he would lose contests as a young grom. But after the extended time away from the jersey due to COVID, Hanneman gained a new perspective. Now he's all about "fun" back into his surfing, which most surfers would agree produces their best days in the water.

"I surf because I feel like it comes natural to me, I don't mean that because I think I'm the best, I feel a connection to surfing," Hanneman humbly shares.

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