There have been a lot of historic waves at Mavericks over the years. Jay Moriarty's crucifixion that famously landed him on the cover of Surfer Magazine in 1994 and Shane Dorian's 2010 barrel are two that come to mind. But after a lifetime of dedication and sacrifice, on Friday, January 9, 2021, Peter Mel took things to a whole different level.

With his son, John, watching from the channel, Mel paddles into an absolute bomb, sets his line off the bottom and waits for the thing to square up and huck. As the wave bowls up and slabs, he puts himself in position to ride what can only be considered the best barrel ever at Mavericks. The footage was captured by the crew at Powerlines Productions, who have made it their mission to document all the madness at Mavs over the decades.

"Words can't describe what I watched today," wrote John on Instagram. "51 years old and just set the standard of what everyone will now be chasing to get the best wave out there. Congratulations @peter_mel I love you dad."

"@peter_mel surfed the best wave ever ridden at Mavericks today," added the WSL's Strider Wasilewski on Insta. "I'm so proud of you Pete...you have made so many sacrifices in life for the better of everyone around you. You are a role model and an inspiration my friend!"

Congrats to Pete Mel and everyone that was charging Mavericks on another beautiful, bombing day yesterday.

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