L.A. Surfer Hunter Jones On How The Ocean Is Both An Equalizer And A Healer

L.A. Surfer Hunter Jones On How The Ocean Is Both An Equalizer And A Healer

Episode 57

In the latest installment of "The Lineup" with Dave Prodan, Hunter Jones, a Los Angeles-based pro surfer, newly signed Body Glove ambassador and video editor, talks about what it means to join forces with the South Bay wetsuit giant, as well as the challenges of being a stunt double in Hollywood, making his own film "Still Dreaming," working for WSL and going through the casting process for upcoming reality show "The Ultimate Surfer."

Coming Up In Los Angeles

Hunter breaks down his creative path to becoming a pro surfer, what his local scene is like in the South Bay, and the L.A. pros he looked up to while coming up. Giving shout-outs to local legends like Dane Zaun and Alex Gray, Hunter explains how they inspired him to pursue the surf life. Just like the WSL's Dave Prodan, who once was an intern at the Association of Surfing Professionals, Hunter also got a foot in the door as a WSL Intern before rolling into bigger and better things.

Leaving It Better Than He Found It

Hunter dives deep into the subject of diversity in the lineup, striving to be a role model for kids, working with the Color The Water initiative with Ryan Harris, and founding the 1 Planet One People collective with Harris and Selema Masekela. Color The Water is a program that provides free surf lessons to people of color, while 1 Planet One People is a hub for resources and information regarding climate action, racial and social equality.

Top 5 Side Hustles

In this week's Top 5 segment, Hunter lists the top five side hustles and odd jobs he's had while trying to make a living as a surfer, and yes, a hand model for cheeseburgers makes the list. And the conversation wouldn't be complete with out Hunter breaking what it's really like being a contestant on the Bachelorette (skip ahead to the 52:00 mark for all the juicy details).

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