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Rip Curl undoubtedly has one of the most stacked teams in professional surfing, so it's only fitting their athletes got a heads up about the recent Rip Curl WSL Finals sponsorship announcement.

When a new format to decide World Champions was first revealed, it's no secret that some of the sport's fiercest competitors were chomping at the bit to prove themselves in a down-to-the-wire surf off. With their sponsor Rip Curl coming on board as a partner for the Rip Curl WSL Finals, the motivation to get into the top five is no doubt off the scale for the likes of Gabriel Medina, Tyler Wright and Owen Wright.

Fanno Reacts To Rip Curl WSL Finals News

To recap briefly -- when Medina and Italo Ferreira and took the World Title battle all the way to the final round at Pipeline in 2019, it was a reminder of just how good competitive surfing can be. So a new format was devised through which this drama would be on tap each and every year.

Wright Eyes A Run At Three

The top five male and female surfers at the end of the regular season will go into a surf-off event -- the Rip Curl WSL Finals -- at Lower Trestles, California. Rankings still matter (the World No.1 only has so surf one heat) but theoretically, any of these top five could be crowned World Champion at the end of the day.

Another Postcard From Morgs

Rip Curl's athletes were given the heads up by Rip Curl International Team Manager Ryan Fletcher, and began leaking the news on social media.

Coffin On Comin' Home To California

So, who do you think is going to be surfing for a title at the world's best high-performance wave in just a few short months?

From Namotu To Lowers For Hennessy?

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