- WSL / Pedro Mestre
- WSL / Pedro Mestre
Highlights: Short Second Day in Portugal
The Estrella Galicia Santa Cruz Pro pres. By Noah Surf House completes another 8 heats of Round 3 to set up the scene for the top seeds in Round 4 tomorrow.

The Estrella Galicia Santa Cruz Pro pres. By Noah Surf House continued in challenging conditions to complete the third round of competition and set up the arrival of Europe's best, the event's top seeds in Round 4 tomorrow.

Waves kept testing competitors for the second day with solid sets and a lot of rip through the lineup, putting physical and technical abilities front and center.

Big Wave Star Nic Von Rupp Shines En Route to Round 4 Berth

Estrella Galicia Wave of the Day 2
Nic Von Rupp claims the Estrella Galicia Wave of the Day 2 with a solid forehand attack in Round 3.

More accustomed to boards in the 9Ft+ range and waves way out of reach for most humans, Nic von Rupp seemed in complete control of his act as he put together two solid rides to advance through a third consecutive heat in two days.

"From the trials to the Final," he said jokingly. "I'm having a lot of fun out there, it's good to make heats. Miguel (Blanco) and I surf all kinds of waves together so it was fun to share a heat with it, even though it's probably a bit bitter for him in this one."

After a busy winter chasing monster swells all over, Von Rupp returned to competition-mode fully motivated and confident.

"My training is getting pounded at Nazare and fighting against the ocean," he added. "So that gets me in a position to enjoy wild conditions but I'm still tired after this, especially without the jets assist! I love surfing all kinds of waves and I do get to surf shortboards daily so I feel comfortable in this."

French Crew Takes Control on Day 2

2021; Action; Santa Cruz; Men; Portugal; QS; QS3000; Round1 Kyllian Guerin was another French surfer on form in Round 3. - WSL / Pedro Mestre

A diverse French trio representing West Indies, Brittany and the iconic Southwest beaches took Day 2 by the horns with strong performances from Leo Paul Etienne, Theo Julitte and Paul Cesar Distinguin.

"I love traveling around the world and qualifying for the Challenger Series means just that," Distinguin said. "So that's my goal, I was in the Top100 in 2019 but then injured myself so I have to do it all over again and it starts right here with a good result!"

"I'm traveling with friends from Guadeloupe, staying just right by the spot and we're loving it here in Portugal," Etienne said. "I was looking for the left all heat and was doubting my option until I found that good one at the end and got a good score with the two turns, it was challenging but fun!"

Full Results Available Right Here

2021; Action; Santa Cruz; Men; Portugal; QS; QS3000; Round1 Eduardo Fernandes lost despite commitment like this. - WSL / Pedro Mestre

Day 2 also featured a few early exits from exciting prospects such as up-and-comer Dean Vandewalle, perennial threat Miguel Blanco and more. Catch up on all the results at WorldSurfLeague.com.

When competition resumes, Round 4 will feature all of the event's top seeds including the best of European professional surfing. The next call will be made at 8 a.m Thursday.

Watch the Estrella Galicia Santa Cruz Pro pres. By Noah Surf House LIVE on the WSL platforms from May 11-16, and check out daily recaps, pictures, videos and more right here.

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