- WSL / Pedro Mestre
- WSL / Pedro Mestre
Highlights: High-Octane Action on Day 3 in Portugal
Performances through the roof as top seeds enter the show at the Estrella Galicia Santa Cruz Pro pres. By Noah Surf House.

The best European surfers took Day 3 of the Estrella Galicia Santa Cruz Pro pres. By Noah Surf House by storm with electric performances throughout the day.

Most of which was the insane one-maneuver act from Jonathan Gonzalez which earned him the Estrella Galicia Wave of the Day for this epic hailmary hit.

Estrella Galicia Wave of the Day 3
Jonathan Gonzalez drops an insane single maneuver for an 8.83 and the Estrella Galicia Wave of the Day 3.

With Round 4 in the books, the Top 32 surfers in this event have emerged and will face off tomorrow for a spot into Finals day.

Ramzi Boukhiam Nails Opening Round Performance with Excellent Scores

2021; Action; Santa Cruz; Men; Portugal; QS; QS3000; Round1 Ramzi Boukhiam (MAR) - WSL / Pedro Mestre

The Moroccan powerhouse is one of the most consistent surfers in this event, having placed equal third, and runner-up in his previous two appearances in Santa Cruz. Today he showed why he is one of the best in the field with an electric performance both on the lefts and rights of praia do mirante.

"I'm pretty stoked to be back in a jersey it's been a while," Boukhiam said. "I love it here in Santa Cruz and I seem to do well, I've been third and second here so I'm hoping for one better this week! I feel good and I have great boards so I look forward to more heats here."

A standout on the Qualifying Series for a decade now, Boukhiam has come close to qualifying for the elite Championship Tour and expressed his motivation remains intact as he opens another campaign in 2021.

"It takes a lot to make the CT," he added. "I've come close and maybe I made a few mistakes along the way but they're all learning experiences and I feel more mature now and really good mentally so hopefully it comes together."

Gaspard Larsonneur Extends Winning Streak Dating Back to 2020

2021; Action; Santa Cruz; Men; Portugal; QS; QS3000; Round1 Gaspard Larsonneur (FRA) - WSL / Pedro Mestre

The Frenchman from Brittany is the last winner on the European Qualifying Series, having claimed the Cabreiro√° Pro Las Americas in Tenerife last year before the COVID pandemic halted the tours worldwide. Larsonneur picked up right where he left off with the first big score of the day for his backhand attack on a good-sized left.

"It was great to start the heat with that left," he said. "That was a really tough heat, and my game plan was always to try and go out like in a free surf and just do my thing and enjoy myself. That win was such a long time ago I think everyone forgot about it and I'm back to being an underdog. I've surfed heaps at home during the break and did a couple trips so I'm stoked and looking to have a good time in the events now."

French Crew Continues to Dominate on Day 3

2021; Action; Santa Cruz; Men; Portugal; QS; QS3000; Round1 Marco Mignot (FRA) - WSL / Pedro Mestre

The French contingent went pedal-to-the-metal on Day 3 with a dominant showing, racking up heat wins throughout the day. An impressive 12 heats out of 16 were won by the French with solid efforts from the likes of Marc Lacomare, Timothee Bisso, Joan Duru, Leo Paul Etienne and more.

"It's so good to finally be competing again," Lacomare said. "Huge thank's to Portugal and everyone involved for all they do for us. It's been a while and I felt a bit rusty but I love to push myself and it was fun out there. I had surgery on my neck a few weeks ago so I'm still recovering but this is a good test and I hope I can make a few more heats."

Full Results Available Right Here

2021; Action; Santa Cruz; Men; Portugal; QS; QS3000; Round1 Tomas Fernandes (PRT) - WSL / Pedro Mestre

The high-intensity third day of competition included a few upset eliminations as well, most notably Maxime Huscenot bowing out in the opening heat of the day and Portuguese rising talent Afonso Antunes falling short in Heat 9.

Portuguese stars Vasco Ribeiro made sure to not figure on that list as he advanced through a low-scoring affair and earned a spot into Round 5, as did Tomas Fernandes.

Competitors and event officials will be back to praia do mirante for an 8:30 a.m call on Friday.

Watch the Estrella Galicia Santa Cruz Pro pres. By Noah Surf House LIVE on the WSL platforms from May 11-16, and check out daily recaps, pictures, videos and more right here.

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