- WSL / Cait Miers

In the immortal words of En Vogue, "Free your mind, and the rest will follow."

"Surfing," a newly released film by Dan Scott, is an amazing exercise in simply enjoying the ride and the good times that come from a life of wave-riding. Starring seven-time World Champ Stephanie Gilmore, two-time World Champ Tyler Wright and their dear friends Nikki Van Dijk, Macy Callaghan and Dimity Stoyle, it is a playful jaunt through the Lucky Country that also happens to feature some very serious surfing.

One of the few exclusively women's surf films released in recent years, from Gilmore's style and impeccable rail-work, to Wright's penchant for power, to the emergence of Van Dijk and Callaghan as bonafide surf stars, the action is incredible. And just to keep things nice and loose, the stoke-filled vibes are simply infectious. You can't help but smile and want to go for a shred after watching this.

Shot and edited by Scott, with additional footage courtesy Ava Warbrick and Georde Grigor, it illustrates that even some of the best, most iconic surfers on the WSL Championship Tour are still more than happy to head to the beach together, tap into the source and enjoy surfing for the same reason they all started -- because it's a hell of a lot of fun.

Surf films have always been a source of inspiration, and with a nearly 30-minute running time, "Surfing" has plenty of world-class ripping and good times for frothing young groms and crusty old salts alike to get stoked on. Now, go surf!

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