After his stint on The Ultimate Surfer, Zeke Lau is now focusing his energies on the upcoming Qualifying Series with the hopes of clawing his way back on the Championship Tour in 2022. Looking to get his quiver of competition boards into shape, Lau turns to master craftsman Wade Tokoro, who's been making his boards for years.

The pair go deep on what he's going to be riding in Huntington Beach and Europe when the Challenger Series gets underway in September. Then they dive into Lau's North Shore quiver and what he'll be trusting at Pipe, Sunset and Haleiwa.

An interesting behind-the-scenes look at the surfer/shaper relationship, they break down dimensions, tail contours, glass jobs and what Lau may need in everything from knee-high Huntington to hollow Hossegor.

For those looking to hit up there shaper and put and order in for the fall and winter seasons, this is how it's done.

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