A plethora of talented North America regional competitors is ready and waiting for Jack's Surfboards Pro QS 1,000 first horn August 5 - 8. This event will be fireworks from start to finish featuring former Championship Tour (CT) surfers to accomplished Pro Juniors and upcoming competitors looking for their first taste of QS action.

Here is a shortlist including just a few of the 128 men and 40 women to keep tabs on throughout the live broadcast.

Caitlin Simmers
Congrats, Caitlin Simmers! 2019 Vans US Open Pro Junior Winner
Simmers took down an elite field of Alyssa Spencer, Kirra Pinkerton, and Keala Tomoda-Bannert.

The Oceanside, California, teenager took the world by storm in 2019 with her aerial antics before taking down her first Vans US Open Junior title. Simmers also led the way at the 2020 Super Girl Surf Pro, a WSL specialty event, along with Lakey Peterson to win the overall event and now returns to the jersey in her third QS event and looks to play spoiler for those looking to clinch their Challenger Series spots.

Leilani McGonagle
Leilani McGonagle Leads A Charge of Upsets at Super Girl
The Costa Rican helped eliminate Malia Manuel in Round 3 and current QS No 1 Isabella Nichols in Round 4.

The Costa Rican comes into this event straight off making history at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games with surfing's debut. Now, the 21-year-old looks to further her dreams and secure her spot within the Top 8 of the women's regional rankings to qualify for Challenger Series.

Kirra Pinkerton
Kirra Pinkerton Surfing Kandui
18-year-old Kirra Pinkerton surfing the best wave of her life in the Mentawais. Shot by @kanduiresort

The San Clemente, California, competitor found a way to still get the waves of her life throughout 2020/21 spending months at a time in Indonesia. Pinkerton, 18, started her 2020 QS campaign in amazing form and at No. 2 on the overall rankings before events came to a halt. Now, confirmed as a 2020 Challenger Series competitor, she looks to pick up where she left off and it all starts at the Jack's Surfboards Pro.

Chelsea Tuach
Highlights: Leo Fioravanti and Chelsea Tuach Victorious in Martinique
Martinique marked one of Tuach's last victories as she looks for a big win this weekend in Huntington Beach.

The Barbados' competitor made history for her country as the first surfer from the island nation to qualify for the CT and has been fighting her way back there since falling off. Tuach, 25, took down the last regional QS event in Huntington Beach at the 2017 Shoe City Pro and looks to secure her place within the Challenger Series ranks with a big result once more.

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The Jack's Surfboards Pro will be streamed live August 5 - 8 at the Huntington Beach Pier, Huntington Beach, California.

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