WSL Surf 101: Barrel Riding

WSL Surf 101: Barrel Riding

On this edition of WSL Surf 101, we're going to look at the holy grail of surfing, the iconic and elusive barrel ride. Over the decades getting tubed has been considered the pinnacle of surfing and is possibly the most identifiable maneuver in our sport, and some of the most famous waves in the world are known because of the consistent and perfect barrel they create when the conditions are right. But getting barrelled is far from easy. First, you need to find a wave that is steep enough, large enough and with the right wind for the barrel to form, and that's only the beginning. To ride the barrel, surfers also need perfect positioning -- if you're too far out on the face, you'll miss it; too far back towards the breaking part of the wave and you'll wipeout.


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