- WSL / Kenneth Kemp

Nic von Rupp always finds a way to keep the spirit of adventure alive in surfing. Whether he's getting attacked by rare insects in Indonesia, chasing perfect barrels at Witch's Rock, or casually towing into the world's biggest waves at home in Nazaré, the thread is all the same.

For Von Rupp, surfing is about the journey, not the destination. And the journey just happens to be as gnarly as it gets. In his latest episode of Von Froth, Nic made a bee line to Northern Scotland to chase a winter northwest at one of the most treacherous waves in Europe. And he completely scored with some jet ski assist from local 16-year-old charger Ben Larg.

"Its such a dangerous wave, such a heavy wave on how it breaks, on how the reef sticks out.. if you fall and get hurt you are in the middle of nowhere, far from civilisation, no one will get you. As bad as you want to get the waves of your life, you always the danger is always in the back of your mind," Von Rupp explains.

Von Rupp really loves slabs, especially when they're in remote places and the stakes are high. Cold water, shallow, rocky reef, and pumping Northwest swell -- all of these things come with the territory of a Portuguese big wave charger.

Next on the list for Von Rupp is gearing up for the Nazaré Tow Surfing Challenge presented by Jogos Santa Casa, which is set to take place sometime after November 15th. A team of big wave experts are standing by to make the call, so keep it locked here for updates.

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