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The Billabong Pro Pipeline is not only the first event of the 2022 Championship Tour, but it is the first time women will compete in a full-length CT event at the iconic North Shore proving ground. And with World Champs, hungry vets and a whole class of new, fresh-faced rookies all chasing the World Title, this season promises to be like no other. Here's what's on tap for surf courtesy Surfline's official event forecast.


  • Slightly smaller surf Sun-Mon with moderate to breezy trades
  • Another strong WNW swell Wed with potentially excellent wind (ESE trades)

SUNDAY 6th: As indicated by the buoys, a reinforcing push of WNW-NW swell is here to keep solid surf in the water for the day. The morning will be strongest with double overhead+ sets, occasional waves pushing near triple overhead (6-8' Hawaiian). Then expect a decreasing trend over the afternoon. Consistency will remain pretty good as well. The trades will become rather breezy today and from a side-offshore ENE direction - so OK and still fairly clean, but not ideal. Expect the lightest wind to be in the early to mid-morning before those trades really kick in. Although early is likely to have a little morning sickness/wonk. Overall, the mid-morning is looking to be the best window of the day to score max size and best conditions.

SWELL/SURF: Surf simmers down some, but still well overhead to double overhead+ sets. Pipe and Backdoor offering opportunity.

WIND: Breezy ENE trades.

MONDAY 7th: 8-10'+ faces (6' Hawaiian). Breezy side/offshore wind all day.

SWELL/SURF: Fresh round of WNW-NW swell shows and keeps up well overhead to double overhead+ sets, strongest in the AM.

WIND: Breezy E/ENE trades.

TUESDAY 8th: 5-7'+ (4' Hawaiian) first half of the day. May start to rebuild late. Offshore wind all day.

SWELL/SURF: Fresh round of WNW-NW swell shows and keeps up well overhead to double overhead+ sets, strongest in the AM.

WIND: Moderate offshore ESE wind.

WEDNESDAY 9th: Solid 10-12'+ faces, possible sets to 15' (6-8'++ Hawaiian). Good potential for ideal ESE wind.

SWELL/SURF: Solid new WNW swell likely moves in. This is starting to look a little better on the charts/models and we'll start to bump size up some. Potential for very good Pipe with the swell direction, period and wind. Stay tuned.

WIND: Moderate offshore ESE wind.

Forecast Outlook

We should be down in the morning on Saturday but the surf will build back in through the afternoon hours. Reviewing the latest satellite passes and drifting buoy data, we should be a touch smaller on the peak of the swell tomorrow vs the peak today (5-10% smaller).

The other big difference between today and Saturday will be the wind. Trades will gain traction on Saturday and strengthen through the day - starting light from the ENE and building over the afternoon from E to ENE.

Sunday and Monday should come down a notch or two from Fri-Sat but still offer good-size surf as reinforcing WNW swells arrive. Trades look breezier and more ENE in direction in the recent model updates. So overall smaller and lesser quality surf than Saturday and also Wednesday.

Our next swell on Wednesday looks like another good to possibly great one. We could see some long period forerunners build from the WNW (295-310) later Tuesday, although the bulk of the swell is expected on Wednesday as direction shifts slightly more to the north (300-320). We're going to start trending size up a little from our previous forecast as it does look a little better on today's charts/models than it did yesterday. At this point we look similar in size/direction to what we saw today (and expect tomorrow afternoon) although swell period could be a little longer, which would favor Pipe. Wind and overall conditions look good to excellent with straight offshore ESE wind.

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