WSL, Regeneration Surf, and Shiseido Team Up To Restore Kelp In Portugal

WSL, Regeneration Surf, and Shiseido Team Up To Restore Kelp In Portugal

For the MEO Pro Portugal, we are excited to be partnering with ReGeneration Surf - a collaborative project between WSL, WSL PURE, SHISEIDO and local Portuguese partners Mossy Earth, Sea Forester, Oceans and Flow, Zero Waste Lab, and Cetemares & Polit├ęcnico de Leiria.

ReGeneration Surf is bridging the gap between surfing and science, and pioneering innovative ways for surfers and coastal communities to engage in ocean literacy, citizen science and marine restoration. As surfers, we can help to regenerate the ocean and through this partnership we're creating win-win scenarios for the ocean and humanity, at a grassroots level.

Through WSL's support of ReGeneration Surf, we will help assist ongoing impact in this area- not only scaling up the reforestation of Kelp, but engaging the local community in this process. Surfers will be part of the Kelp life-cycle; seeding the Kelp plants, deploying them locally and then monitoring their growth in the Ocean. Local students will be taught freediving and ocean literacy skills, connecting them to underwater marine life and inspiring the next generation of ocean advocates to become custodians of the Kelp. Through this project we are intertwining ways to incorporate regenerative thinking, feeling and doing into our daily practices - like surfing - while aligning with the Decade of Ocean Science.


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