- WSL / Laurent Masurel

Winning an event is obviously something special, the money, the points, the momentum and confidence-boost are all helping, but we tend to forget you also get a piece of hardware, and in some cases it holds a special value. The lucky winners and runners-up in Netanya will bring home a little more than just your usual trophy cup.

"The idea was to avoid something too obvious like a surfboard," Zion Makenzi, one of the creators said. "We chose the star of David as a symbol of unity."

Trophies Netanya The two creators with their trophies - WSL / Laurent Masurel

"The wood elements inside the star are from olive trees which are very typical here and a universal symbol of piece as well," Tom Harel added. "Inside the star there are 12 pigments which represent the twelve tribes of the Jewish people. And everything is kept together with epoxy resin. The base is map root. The process after the design took about two weeks work."

Makenzi and Harel own ZZ Gallery, located between Netanya and Tel Aviv, and are wood work and resin specialists. You can check out ore of their art on their instagram account. Have a look at the process in the below video!

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