Outerknown Tahiti Pro

Updated: Thursday midday the 18th (Local Time)

Event Window: August 11th-21st

• The current SSW swell eases, still overhead and clean on Friday
• Smaller surf Saturday but contestable and clean
• Sun to see new S swell but not as big as Fri, similar in size to Sat

Thursday Morning Conditions Likely To Provide Clean, Double-Overhead Plus Sets
The Best Day Of The Competition Window Is Upon Us. Thursday Will See A Combination Of Offshore Winds And Above Average Consistency.

FRIDAY 19th: 6-8'+ faces, strongest early. Offshore wind.
SWELL: Slowly easing SSW swell. Sets mainly in the zone of 2-3 feet overhead, but may still have a few lingering waves up to double overhead (strongest early). Consistency fair.
WIND: Moderate+ offshore ENE trade winds.
TIDE: Slack tide throughout the day around the 1' mark

SATURDAY 20th: 5-7' faces in AM, easing to 4-6' in PM. Offshore wind.
SWELL: Leftovers of old/easing SSW swell, providing head high to overhead sets. Occasional lulls.
WIND: Moderate+ ENE veering E trade winds.
TIDE: Slack tide throughout the day around the 1' mark

SUNDAY 21st: 3-5' faces in AM increasing to 5-7' in PM. Side-offshore wind.
SWELL: New S swell builds in, biggest in the afternoon with head high occasional overhead sets.
WIND: Moderate ESE wind.
TIDE: 1.2' high at 11:19am, 0.8' low at 5:12pm


Of the three remaining days of the event window, Friday is the best bet to finish - down in size from Thursday, but bigger than what we'll have on the weekend. We'll see Teahupo'o become much more approachable on Friday, although still some fairly solid waves and barrels rolling in, especially in the morning. Sets are expected to be mainly around 2-3 feet overhead, but we may still see a few lingering double overhead waves early on the biggest ones. No significant tidal influence - minimal change/slack tide. Meanwhile, offshore ENE trades are to prevail for the day.

There is a new shot of straight south swell due to build in on the last day of the event window, Sunday the 21st. Unfortunately, most of this swell is bypassing Tahiti to the east, heading toward the Americas. This new S swell is looking to deliver a fresh round of head high to 1-2' overhead sets by Sunday afternoon. Given this size and steep south angle, the surf will behave more like a normal left pointbreak with workable lines, instead of a slab with heaving barrels. The trades are to veer to a more side-offshore ESE flow by Sunday.

Next Update: Friday the 19th, if needed.

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