Working Together to Protect Teahupo'o's Reef

Working Together to Protect Teahupo'o's Reef

To kick off the #OuterknownTahitiPro, World Surf League teamed up with Adobe and Shiseido along with #WeAreOneOcean coalition partners Coral Gardeners and Tahiti Iti Surfclub to help restore our ocean and protect Teahupo'o's reef. Together we held a coral workshop that drew a crowd of over 100 people from WSL Championship Tour surfers to local surfers and keikis (kids in Polynesian).

Threatened by climate change, healthy coral reefs are among Earth's most biologically diverse ecosystems and they provide vital ecological services. Inspired by their importance, with the help of volunteers and surfers, we were able to add to Coral Gardener's growing nursery over 500 heat-resistant corals, which will eventually be replanted to create a stronger reef.

Mauruuru roa to everyone who joined us in raising local and global awareness about the importance of preserving coral reefs. Special thanks to friends old and new, now all part of the #WeAreOneOcean and Coral Gardeners family.

Inspired by these efforts? Share what you're doing to make an impact in your community by using the template on the #AdobeExpress app and sharing your creation on social with #CreateWaves and #WeAreOneOcean, tagging @Adobe and @WSL for a chance for your post to be seen in the leadup to the WSL Finals in September.


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