Protecting Our One Ocean Through Oyster Restoration

Protecting Our One Ocean Through Oyster Restoration

For the Wallex US Open of Surfing, WSL and Shiseido teamed up with #WSLOneOcean coalition partner Orange County Coastkeeper to support their Olympia oyster restoration work alongside WSL PURE grantee Native Like Water. Olympia oysters are the only native oysters on the west coast, and these restoration projects are having a direct impact on local bays throughout Southern California. As key ecosystems, oysters do so much for our environment, like helping to stabilize our shorelines and filter our waters. At this activation, volunteers created outplantable shell strings in order to restore habitats for oysters in the region and create a home base for the oysters to return to. This important work will benefit the long term health of our waters and safeguard a clean future for our one ocean. Special thank you to all the amazing volunteers and WSL surfers Kanoa Igarashi, Carlos Munoz, and Reef Hazelwood for your support and leadership!

Get involved and show us how you are taking action to protect our one ocean by submitting your sustainability story to social media using the hashtag #WSLOneOcean and tagging @WSLOneOcean and @WSL in your post.


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