What You Need To Know - TUDOR Jaws Big Wave Challenge

What You Need To Know - TUDOR Jaws Big Wave Challenge

The world's premier big wave paddle competition returns to Pe'ahi on the island of Maui with the TUDOR JAWS Big Wave Challenge. This paddle only event brings together the top 12 female and top 24 male big wave surfers from around the world to face off in a bracket style competition.

What makes Jaws such a spectacular big wave venue? It all comes down to water depth, specifically the sudden change in the seabed from very deep to relatively shallow. There is an extremely deep trench uncommonly close to shore, which comes up from around 100 feet to 20 feet.

The reef can handle as big a a swell as the ocean can throw at it, but often the wind gets too strong to paddle, and that's when it turns into a tow session.

When it comes to paddle-in big-wave surfing at Jaws, the limits are being pushed. It wasn't all that long ago that Jaws was considered tow-only, though now we're seeing athlete's such as Billy Kemper, Nathan Florence, Paige Alms, Kai Lenny, Ian Walsh and many, many more paddling, and getting barreled on waves once considered impossible without the help of a jetski.

The Big Wave Season is Now Open. Stay ready on worldsurfleague.com.


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