WSL One Ocean 2023 Global Impact

WSL One Ocean 2023 Global Impact

As surfers and ocean lovers, the ocean is more than just our favorite place to play. It is our arena, our office, and our inspiration. The ocean, its waves and beaches, reefs and high seas, is truly our greatest resource and connector. Throughout 2023, we demonstrated our commitment to protecting and conserving the global ocean in order to preserve the future of our sport for generations to come. Today, we are proud to share our 2023 Purpose & Impact highlights below:

? 363,821 Trees planted - equivalent to our carbon offsetting actions since 2018

? Lead efforts with Coral Gardeners to plant 100,000 corals by the end of 2023

? 45,374 Hectares protected or restored including initiating the Brazilian Surfing Reserves Program

? 225% Increased engagement

? 3,041 Youth educated on cultural and environmental stewardship

? 1,635 Passionate volunteers engaged

♻️ 2 Tons of plastic pollution removed through river barrier projects

☀️ 16 Critical local impact projects funded

On behalf of our WSL One Ocean coalition, athletes, fans, local grassroots organizations, and global WSL One Ocean commercial partners SHISEIDO, YETI, and AB InBev as well as regional partners such as and Mananalu Water and Hydralyte, we stand together to inspire world leaders to protect and conserve our global ocean.

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