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Jarvis Earle (AUS) and Mirai Ikeda (JPN) have won the 2024 Krui Pro World Surf League (WSL) Qualifying Series (QS) 5000 event. The pair overcame a huge field of Asia Pacific's best up-and-coming surfers as well as huge surf throughout the week to claim victory. On Finals Day, competitors were treated to super fun, clean three-to-four-foot surf at the backup location of Krui Left as Ujung Bocur was smashed with massive swell once again.

Jarvis Earle Jarvis Earle - WSL / Tim Hain

The men's Final saw two of the event standouts, Jarvis Earle (AUS) and Taj Stokes (AUS), go head-to-head in a classic goofy verse natural battle. Both surfers got their accounts opened early, each performing a series of fast, critical turns to earn solid scores, with Earle getting the upperhand on the first exchange. Stokes then backed up his score with a 9.00 point ride for a long, deep tube ride to take the lead. Earle spent the remainder of the heat chasing an excellent score but was unable to complete a wave until, with only 20 seconds left, the former World Junior Champion found a set and dropped in. Earle smashed a huge layback snap on his first maneuver before a re-entry, carve and floater to finish earning a 9.03 and this third QS event win of the year.

"I'm so stoked to have won this event, it's such a great place with great waves and having my friends here it was awesome" said Earle. When asked about winning the final, he explained, " I was sitting out there for like 10-15 minutes, I reckon, and there hadn't been a set, then I saw the sets coming on the horizon, and it definitely got my heart going. When it was going small, I knew I had to surf out of body so I tried some airs, but when I saw that set, I knew I could just stick to turns and get the score. I'm just stoked I got the opportunity on a bigger wave at the end of the heat and that I got it done."

Jarvis Earle Jarvis Earle - WSL / Abdel Elecho

In the women's Final, Mirai Ikeda (JPN) came up against West Aussie youngster Willow Hardy (AUS) as both women hoped to claim their maiden QS event victory in another goofy versus natural matchup. Ikeda got an early start, which was a smart play in the slow conditions. Hardy, who had been a standout in the solid surf earlier in the week, struggled to find a rhythm at the backup location of Krui Left. Ikeda used priority well to find herself on the best waves, eventually earning a 12.00-point two-wave total for her smooth and powerful backhand attack. This was too much for Hardy to chase down, leaving Ikeda to claim the biggest win of her career.

"Before the heat, I was really nervous," said Ikeda. "Now I'm so happy to win this final. I got more confident after my first good score, but then there were not many waves, so the last five minutes made me nervous again. It seemed so long. I always tried to finish my first wave and do well on it, which I did, but it was hard to get another good one. I was worried Willow was going to get a good one, but luckily, I got an ok backup score on my last wave, and Willow didn't get any good waves."

Mirai Ikeda Mirai Ikeda - WSL / Abdel Elecho

It was a big day for Ikeda, who also won the Krui Pro Junior earlier today. In the Pro Junior Final, Ikeda overcame Cocona Kawase (JPN), Kana Nakashio (JPN) and Chinese competitor Yiyao Wang (CHN) in second, third and fourth respectively.

The men's Krui Pro Junior witnessed a familiar site as Indonesian star in the making, Bronson Meydi (INA), claimed victory for the second year in a row at this location. Meydi struggled to get going, trying to pull into tubes and take to the air with little success, finding himself in last place at one point. Eventually, he dialled it down a bit, finding a 13.00 point two-wave total for some fast, fins-free turns to overcome Made Ariyana (INA), Westen Hirst (INA) and Taki Kanazawa (JPN) in second, third and fourth position respectively.

"That felt great, but I didn't really surf it as well as I should have," Meydi said. "It was a pretty weird heat. I got a couple of waves that I should have been doing better on. I just couldn't get in sync for a while. But I'm so stoked to get back-to-back wins here at Krui. I waited for so long, and then I saw there were only two minutes left, and luckily, the set wave came in. I love this wave and this place."

Bronson Meydi Bronson Meydi - WSL / Tim Hain

Competitors will now shift their focus to the Nias Pro QS 5000 and Pro Junior events that will kick off at the world-class, iconic righthander at Lagundri Bay off North Sumatra. The Nias Pro will run from June 8 - 15.

The 2024 Krui Pro QS 5000 and Pro Junior events ran at Ujung Bocur, South Sumatra, from May 28 to June 4.

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