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Shonan Kaigan, Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa-ken (Thursday, July 10th, 2014)

The conditions looks positive for the 2014 ASP Japan Tour Event , Mens 3 Star event " MURASAKI SHONAN OPEN 2014"to go on stand by from Day 1 of the official waiting period.

The waiting period will commence the coming July 14th, Monday holding the period thru to July 21st, Monday(National Holiday).

Today July 10th we have rainy weather along with the strong winds from the Typhoon NEOGURI along with the hazard warnings nation wide. The weather is expected to recover tomrrow July11th as the Typhoon NEOGURI is expected to move north apart from the Kanto and Koshinetsu regions.

ASP Japan Tour official wave forecaster Mr. Ogawa of the "Namidensetsu" forecasts the conditions for the period starting day 1 July 14th as following;

July 14th, Monday:

The tropical lows transformed from Typhoon NEOGURI is expected to cruise north along the Sea of Okhotsk, and move further away. The Pacific highs centered in the Tokai Seas is expected to spread wide towards the eastern Japan widely, however the rainy fronts is ecpected to retain near Kanto.

In Shonan the south to south-west swell from the Typhoon NEOGURI is expected to weaken however the the wind swell from the south to south west winds from the southern area of the rainy fronts is ecpected to build along with the elements of the Pacific highs centered in the Tokai Seas should send breezes to create slight east to south-east swell. The winds should be weak during the morning hours though the southern winds is expected to pick up during the day and damage the wave surfaces.

July 15th, Tuesday:

The rainy fronts is expected to retain close to Kanto with a chance to move slight northerly. In this case the east to south-east swell as well as the south to south-west wind swell may come in action. Although the surfaces is expected to be damaged the wind swell has a chance to retain weakly. Either case the high quality waves is not expected.

July 16th, Wednesday:

The rainy fronts is expected to move northerly. The east to south east swell may gain chances while the south to south-west wind swells is expected to weaken. The southern winds is likely to blow during the day.

July 17th, Thursday:

The rainy fronts will continue to move northerly and the highs from the Pacific should spread around from the Tokai Seas. The south to south-west wind swell should weaken while the east to south-east swell may reatin.

A new tropical lows or even a typhoon may be produced in the southern -east seas of Japan possibly Sunday July 13th. Holding a chance to move slowly west to north-west while growing and retains chance of moving beyond the 20 degrees north latitude line sround July 17th. Thursday to get close to Taiwan.

In this case we may be blessed by the south-eastern swells from the lows(typhoon) as early as July 17th, Thursday.

The event boasts a long waiting period of 8 days to put the athletes in action only on the best conditions on offer.

Event defending champion and No.1 seeded surfer for the event is Masatoshi Ohno(JPN). Top athletes including Kaito Ohashi (JPN) as well as Connor O'Leary(AUS) are present this year as well.

Event venue Kugenuma Kaigan in Fujisawa-shi,Kanagawa-ken is located in the center of the Shonan area where the area is famed nation wide as a fine resort area centered with the famous Enoshima Island.

Last year 2013 Shonan Open attracted over 30000 fans to the event as the largest surf event in Japan and this year again to be held in the long weakend including the National Holiday, this year the event is expected to attract even more fans for the 2014 edition along with the conjunction events. The beaches opened nation wide on July 1st and means the summer season is here. Dont miss all the fun at the event.

The 3 Star event starts the waiting period July 14th. Monday and on Saturday, July 19th the JPBA event by the finest body boarders will on on stand by as a conjunction event.

The official status will be indicated via internet. Stay tuned to the topics or " 最新トピックス" in the center of the ASP Japan web page! http://www.aspjapantour.com/ as well as the ASP Japan Official Twitter Pages.

2014 ASP Japan Tour QS Series 3 Star event " MURASAKI SHONAN OPEN"will be held from July 14th, Monday to July 21st , Monday at Matsunami Kosaten Chikado Mae in Kugenuma Kaigan.

"MURASAKI SHONAN OPEN" 2014 edition boasts status with US$55,000- prize money on offer makes it the largest surfing event in Japan and attracts 120 of the finest surfers domestic as well as worldwide to the event.

For further information as well as "Morning Show" daily on MURASAKI SHONAN OPEN refer to official web page:


MURASAKI SHONAN OPEN 2014 is proudly supported by the following sponcors:


特別協賛: ・株式会社ムラサキスポーツ

後援: 藤沢市 / 株式会社湘南なぎさパーク

協賛各社: ・プーマジャパン株式会社 ・森永乳業 株式会社 ・KNOCK OUT MONKEY ・RedBull ・株式会社 吉野家

・MALIBU(サントリーアライド株式会社) ・GoPro ・G-SHOCK(カシオ電算機株式会社) ・波伝説(サーフレジェンド株式会社) ・ASAHI SOF DRINKS(アサヒカルピスビバレッジ株式会社)


■For further info contact ASP Japan Branch: 〒251-0037 神奈川県藤沢市鵠沼海岸2-16-2 1F Tel:0466-30-2888 FAX: 0466-30-2889 Email:office@aspjapantour.com

- WSL / S.Yamamoto
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- WSL / S.Yamamoto
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