2013 GoPro Junior - Final Day Highlights

2013 GoPro Junior - Final Day Highlights

Ichinomiya, Chosei, Chiba (Sunday, August 4th 2013)

2013 ASP JAPAN TOUR EVENT 6 "GO PRO JUNIOR GAMES" was AUG.3 (SAT) and today AUG. 4 (SUN) at Tsurigasaki Beach (AKA Shida Shita Point), Ichinomiya, Chosei, Chiba.

Today was final day and crowned three 2013 event champions this afternoon.

The conditions at Tsurigasaki Beach this morning were 3 ft. (2 meter) with fair weather.

U-20 Men's semi final heat 1 was a great showdown by Takumi Nakamura (JPN) vs. Hiroto Ohhara (JPN). Both past multiple event winners in Japan put on a great show and this heat 13.83 to 13.53 for Nakamura and Nakamura moves to the finals. Heat 2 was Hiroto Arai (JPN) vs. Connor OLeary (AUS) who scored a perfect 10 yesterday. Oleary wins to Arai by 16.94 to 6.34 points and Oleary moves to the finals. The finals was a great match by Takumi Nakamura (JPN) vs. Connor OLeary (AUS). O'Leary opens the game and scores an excellent 8.50 on his first ride, but Nakamura follows with an excellent of 8.00 for their great exchange. Nakamura follows with another excellent 8.23 and takes the lead by 16.23points. O'Leary is chasing a 7.73 but waits for the best. With only 3 minutes remaining O'Leary gets the move and scores a 7.83points to take over the lead. 16.33 to 16.23 can't get closer and O'Leary claims the win.

Go Pro Junior 2013 Champion is Connor O'Leary!

Go Pro Junior 2013U-20 Men's Junior Final Results:

1st, 250Pts, U$2,000: Connor O'Leary 2nd, 188Pts, U$900: Takumi Nakamura 3rd place, 141Pts, U$550 :Hereto Ohhara、 Hiroto Arai

Go Pro Junior 2013 U-20 Girls Final Results: 1st, 250Pts, U$0:Minato Takahashi 2nd, 188Pts, U$0: Momoko Miyasaka 3rd, 141Pts, U$0:Rioko Miyasaka 4th, 123Pts, U$0 :Hinako Kurokawa

U-16 Cadet Final Results: 1st, 250Pts, U$0 :Takumi Yasui 2nd, 188Pts, U$0 :Yuki Nakashio 3rd, 141Pts, U$0 :Keijiro Nishi 4th, 123Pts, U$0 :Yuji Nishi


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