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The Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) 2-Star Outer Banks Pro saw clean 3-4-foot, peaky conditions today as competitors raised the bar in hopes to advance to the final rounds. Round 3, Round 4, and Round 5 were all completed today in their entirety, setting the stage for the Quarterfinals.

Today's standout surfer was Yago Dora (BRA) who dropped a solid 17.43 two-wave total in his Round 4 heat, posting a near-perfect 9.60 on one ride. The young Brazilian goofy-foot went to town on a fast right-hander with power and style to earn the highest wave score of the event so far.

“I've just been able to find the good ones and put together a few nice turns. My board is feeling good, I'm feeling good, and overall I'm just feeling confident. I'm finding my rhythm here and hopefully I can keep it up and do my best in the next rounds.”

This is Dora's second year doing ASP Qualifying Series (QS) events and he has been making it known that he is determined to build his rank, and hopefully one day qualify for the main stage of the World Championship Tour (WCT).

Another noteworthy performance came from Nathaniel Curran (USA), who has battled his way through to the Quarterfinals all the way from Round 1. The California native has consistently been posting high heat totals and has showed no signs of slowing down as he has won four out of his five heats in the event. The QS veteran is no stranger to the priority tactics of the man on man format that will take place in the Quarterfinals, and will be one to watch in the upcoming round.

“I'm just feeling really in rhythm and luckily I have a really good board right now so I don't have to think too much about my surfing. The waves were fun today; anytime you're getting little offshore barrels you can't complain. I'm excited to make it to the man-on-man; this is where the real contest starts.”

One competitor that has been building momentum throughout the event is Brian Toth (PRI), whose superior heat strategies have been working in his favor. The goofy-footer surfed a smart Round 5 heat, staying active between the South peak and the pier bowl, while pocketing one of the day's higher scores of an 8.23 on one wave.

“I started off on the South peak because I wanted to stay away from the pier at first, and then I just moved back and forth between the two. I'm stoked to make it through by just making some good decisions.

"I haven't been in a man on man heat in a while so it's going to be super exciting. My board is feeling good and I'm feeling strong, so I can't wait for the Quarterfinals.”

The Wave Riding Vehicles Outer Banks Pro presented by Hurley and Pacifico will be webcast live daily through Monday, September 1 at this site and outerbankslive.com.

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