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Trestles Highlights - Men's Round 1 and Women's Round 4
Hurley Pro kicks off, women's Quarterfinals decided.

Date: Thursday, September 11, 2014
Schedule: Women's Round 4 (Heats 1-4)
Conditions: 3-to-5-foot faces at Lower Trestles
Opening Day Recap

Round 4

Heat 4: Alessa Quizon (HAW) vs. Johanne Defay (FRA)

2014 Swatch Women's Pro Trestles - Round 4, Heat 4
Finale of Round 4 pits rookies Alessa Quizon and Johanne Defay against each other amid a dropping tide.

Heat 4 pitted two Tour rookies against each other in bumpy conditions. Alessa Quizon took the early lead, with a 7.33. Johanne Defay logged a midrange 5-pointer, as they each scouted the horizon for a set wave.

As the minutes ticked down, the ocean went flat and each surfer sat waiting for another wave. With fewer than five minutes left on the clock, Defay finally found a wave that earned her a 3.00. Despite the small score, it moved her into first place. Quizon found the just the lip of a wave, but didn't drop in. When the horn sounded, the Hawaiian was still without the score she needed and her run at Trestles was over.

Results: Johanne Defay 8.83, Alessa Quizon 7.63

Heat 3: Dimity Stoyle (AUS) vs. Bianca Buitendag (ZAF)

South African Bianca Buitendag started out strong with a 9-pointer than put her in the lead. As the arguable dark horse of the competition, she worked her backhand hacks in crumbly waves. Aussie Dimity Stoyle tallied two midrange scores, but left her trailing her opponent.

After the midway point, Buitendag backed up her 9-pointer with a 6.60, putting Stoyle in a combo situation where she needed two new scores to catch up. Buitendag again scored big, with an 8.63, and putting further pressure on her opponent. Stoyle made a valiant effort to fight back, with a solid frontside ride. She earned a 7.03 before it was over, but it wasn't enough to keep her in the game. Buitendag won and advanced.

"I made the biggest mistake," said Stoyle. "I paddled for the first wave of the set. I missed the wave, and the one behind it, Bianca got that 9-pointer on it. I was pretty frustrated w myself. I tried to shake it off. I loosened up toward the end of the heat, but I missed my opportunity. I knew it was going to be a tight battle between us."

Results: Bianca Buitendag 17.73, Dimity Stoyle 15.13

Heat 2: Carissa Moore (HAW) vs. Lakey Peterson (USA)

2014 Swatch Women's Pro Trestles - Round 4, Heat 2
Carissa Moore and Lakey Peterson square off at Lower Trestles.

In a highly-anticipated matchup, reigning World Champion Carissa Moore faced off against California charger Lakey Peterson. The competitors spent most of the opening minutes hunting the lineup until small sets allowed for similar opening rides, a slight nod going toward Peterson.

The late exchange also went Peterson's way when she put up an air reverse for a 7.50 and a solid lead over the current rankings leader. An excellent 8.17 for Peterson sealed the deal. The Santa Barbara native pulls off the upset and advances into the Quarterfinals. The win not only ended Moore's campaign at Trestles, but bumped her from her top spot in the rankings. Sally Fitzgibbons was trailing Moore by 200 points, but her Quarterfinals advance moves her into No. 1.

"You have to surf the best you can surf to beat her," Peterson said of her opponent. "My whole thing going in was just to stick to my game and not worry what she was doing."

Result: Lakey Peterson, 15.67, def. Carissa Moore, 12.76

Heat 1: Pauline Ado (FRA) vs. Laura Enever (AUS)

2014 Swatch Women's Pro Trestles - Round 4, Heat 1
Laura Enever goes up against against Pauline Ado at Lower Trestles.

After a day off, the women were back in the water for the second elimination round. Pauline Ado drew first blood, notching a midrange five to open her campaign. Laura Enever, however, earned the better score of the exchange, throwing the tail of her board out on a series of powerful carves.

Both surfers mistimed their mid-heat takeoffs, but Ado managed a few clean carves and matched her opener for the lead change. With a big opening turn and a layout to close, Enever took it back, earning a 6.07 with eight minutes remaining. Ado had a few opportunities for scores but was unable to find the excellent eight-point ride needed to overcome the gap. Ado's equal ninth finish is her second this season.

"I was pretty nervous because we've been watching the boys surf all day, and they've been doing amazing, so being in that first girls heat I just wanted to get good waves," Enever said. "We didn't have many waves but I'm psyched I got what I did."

Result: Laura Enever, 13.90, def. Pauline Ado, 11.23

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