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The 2014 Moche Rip Curl Pro Portugal was packed with excitement: A World Title shakeup, early losses by Tour leaders, and a tube clinic by an expert. While the competition is complete, the music from the beaches of Peniche play on with the Portugal setlist: Soak up the tracks that provided a backdrop for the hollow barrels and massive upsets on ASP's broadcast during the event.

Frankie Chavez, "Fight" & "Voodoo Mama"

Heavy Guitar Riffs Rock Portugal
The raw, guitar-driven track was part of ASP broadcast during the 2014 Moche Rip Curl Pro Portugal.

With insistent blues guitar and a video laden with nostalgia and need, Frankie Chavez brings a mix of fun and feeling to his song, "Fight." Chavez is a surfer, husband, and father to two young children, and his music reflects that sense of humanity, combined with a dedication to artistry. "Fight," off his latest album, Heart & Spine, features a nod to Portugal's rich musical tradition, featuring classical guitarist Silvestre Fonseca.

Chavez's Voodoo Mama Keeps the Blues Alive
The Portuguese artist brought blues and rock to ASP's broadcast during the 2014 Moche Rip Curl Pro Portugal.

Eagulls, "Nerve Endings"

Welcome Back to the 1980s with the Eagulls
This post-punk band from Northern U.K. brought an '80s feel to the beach during the 2014 Moche Rip Curl Pro Portugal.

Miss Joy Division, but not the Cold War? Love the Happy Mondays, but not the hairstyle you had at their shows? Meet the Eagulls, a Northern U.K., post-punk band that pays definitive homage to its forebears, but with a decidedly modern twist. The video for their song "Nerve Endings" won a 2014 NME Award certifying it as new, cool, and worth a listen.

The Griswolds, "Beware the Dog"

Sydney foursome The Griswolds got their start at a house party when Christopher Whitehall (vocals/guitar) challenged his "sometime drinking buddy” Daniel Duque-Perez (guitar/synth) to write a song on the spot. Since then, they dropped the well-received debut album, Be Impressive, and traveled the globe with their music. But their roots are still firmly planted in a fun-loving, party vibe: "Beware the Dog" will please fans of Vampire Weekend and Manu Chao, for any occasion.

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