Surf legend Dorian "Doc" Paskowitz died Monday, November 10, 2014 in Newport Beach, Calif. at the age of 93.

His health had been steadily declining after hip surgery earlier this fall and Paskowitz's death triggered a deluge of support and sympathy from the surfing community, including Kelly Slater (USA) who was able to visit Paskowitz at the hospital before he passed.

Doc Paskowitz/Kelly Slater (Instagram) Dorian 'Doc' Paskowitz had a profound impact on surfing and surfers, including Kelly Slater who posted this photo and a eulogy on Instagram. - WSL

"I'll miss this crazy, old man who helped raise my little brother and teach me about the ways of the world," Slater posted on Instagram. Read his complete tribute here.

Paskowitz's surfing life started at age 12 and continued into his 90s. Some of the notables in between included founding the Paskowitz Surf Camp and the 2007 film "Surfwise," which chronicled the Paskowitz family journey living and surfing out of a van.

With an MD from Stanford University, Paskowitz was a regular contributor to Surfer as a health and fitness columnist. Paskowitz was inducted into the International Surfing Hall of Fame in 1991; "Surfing and Health", his memoir and health advice book, was published in 1998.

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