- WSL / S.Yamamoto
Final Day Highlights - Real Bvoice Pro Longboard Taito Press by KAIDO
LQS 2 Star - Real Bvoice Pro Longboard Taito presented by KAIDO 2014 Final Day Highlight

Six Japanese Longborders are en route to Hainan, China for the GoPro Longboard World Championships, China.

Yuji Hata - Malibu Hyuga Pro Longboards 2014 Yuji Hata - WSL / S.Yamamoto

Yuji Hata (JPN) also competed at the WLC last year, but is hungry to achieve a better result at this year's event. In the Japanese series, the domestic title was won by Hata.

"I would like to participate in the ASP World Championships again and to aim at for higher result," said Hata.

Nobuhiro Ogashira - Malibu Hyuga Pro Longboards 2014 Nobuhiro Ogashira - WSL / S.Yamamoto

Nobuhiro Ogashira (JPN), is one of Japan's veteran longboarders and will compete at the WLC for the third time. Nobu has classic style and a tenacious approach, and is renowned for his nose riding.

"I'm always happy to surf against the best in the world, and to show them my surfing. Being able to share a wave together with all of the best surfers in the world is a remarkable experience."

Hiroka Yoshikawa - Malibu Hyuga Pro Longboards 2014 Hiroka Yoshikawa - WSL / S.Yamamoto

Hiroka Yoshikawa (JPN) finished equal 13th place at last year's WLC, but has his sights much higher this time around. Hiroka finished 3rd place in LQS performed in Taiwan last week, and is hopeful to continue her competitive success.

"My target is always to be the World Champions. All the surfers are specialists and the best in the world. It's a great event and it makes you surf to your best."

Akemi Oguma - Real Bvoice Pro Longboards 2014 Akemi Oguma - WSL / S.Yamamoto

Akemi Oguma (JPN) qualified via the Japanese LQS after being defeated in Round 2 at last year's WLC. Oguma is hopeful that last year's experience will see an improved performance this time around.

Yuki Suzuki - Malibu Hyuga Pro Longboards 2014 Yuki Suzuki - WSL / S.Yamamoto

Yuki Suzuki (JPN) will use physical strength and jujutsu skills to help demonstrate her surfing ability.

"I would like to enter WLT absolutely and to fight to the top", said Yuki.

Shiho Okazawa - Malibu Hyuga Pro Longboards 2014 Shiho Okazawa - WSL / S.Yamamoto

Shiho Okazawa (JPN) is the youngest Japanese surfer, but last year won her way into Round 3. She's excited to fly the Japanese with good friend Hiroka Yoshikawa.

2014 WLT Japanese Representatives: Men's:

  1. Yuji Hata,
  2. Nobuhiro Ogashira


  1. Akemi Oguma,
  2. Yuki Suzuki, 2013 seed Shiho Okazawa, 2013 seed Hiroka Yoshikawa
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