For the last decade, Alejandro Moreda has been at the beating heart of Puerto Rican surfing. The natural footer has been considered one of the Island’s best surfers, mixing stone-cold bravery with oodles of style. And while his surfing has been compared, favorably, with the late, great Andy Irons, unlike his peers like Brian Toth and Dylan Graves, “Ale” he never strayed too far from his beautiful island home.

And with good reason; Moreda is usually in the best spot and on the best wave at whichever of Puerto Rico’s heaviest, hollowest waves are turning on. Yet his connection with home goes beyond just the great waves and his rare ability to ride them. For ten years he has fostered the next generation of talent with his ‘Los Gallitos de Ale’ grommet event and runs a surf school to share his talent, experience, and lust for life.

However, when Hurricane Maria hit in 2017 Moreda shelved all his ventures and went to work. He took a job with FEMA as a generator mechanic and helped restore electricity to water pumps, schools, and hospitals all over the island. It was a job that required 12-hour days, seven days a week, for 10 months straight. He had just 18 days off and worked 304 shifts.

For the ever-smiling, ever-moving Ale, it was just a way of giving back to the place he loves. With his partner Mia Blakeman Gomez, one of Puerto Rico’s top models and entrepreneurs, he has carved a life that balances eternal surf stoke, a sense of community, and successful business life. Make no mistake though, this is a serious surfer with serious talent. He might be smiling, but this is a man used to winning at life.

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