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Q: How do I register for membership?
A: Click on the MemberPro Login title on the Member Services page. Select the box that says Not a Member yet? then complete the form and pay.

Q: What does a membership cost?
A: Here's a breakdown on membership costs:

  • Full QS Men: $250 US
  • Full QS Women: $150 US
  • One-off event: Set by the region
  • Junior Men & Women: Set by the region
  • Longboard Men & Women: Set by the region

Note that tax is applicable in some regions.

Q: When does membership expire?
A: Membership runs from January 1 to December 31 of a calendar year. Registration for the following year opens December 1st. Renew members must register before January 31st of the current Tour year in order to retain points for seeding.

Q: What is the difference between membership types?
A: Full QS memberships allow you to register for all levels of QS events. If you also compete in the Junior and Longboard divisions, the Full QS membership covers you for those events. One-Off memberships allow you to surf one event during the year. If you decide to surf more events after surfing the one event, you must purchase a Full QS membership. Junior and Longboard memberships allow to surf internationally, however WSL insurance is required when registering outside your country of residence. If you purchase a Full QS membership, you do need to purchase a Junior or Longboard membership to compete in these divisions.

Q: What is the Junior age requirement?
A: In order for a Surfer to compete in a Junior Event they must be maximum 17 years old as of December 31st of the prior year to the tour. (i.e. they cannot turn 19 during the tour year).

Q: Which region should I register under?
A: There are 7 Regions: Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe, Hawaii, North America and South America. Contact any Regional Office to determine who oversees your country of residents.

Q: Is my nation different from my region?
A: Yes. Your Nation is the country that you wish to represent. For example, your Nation may be Portugal, and your Region is Europe, Nation is Peru, Region is South America.


Q: How do I register for an event?
A: Click on the MemberPro Logon on the Member Services page. If you are not a member, select the box that says: Not a member yet? Complete the form and pay. Once you are a member, select Event Registration on the left side of the page. Scroll through the calendar of events to find the event you want to enter.

Q: How much are entries?
A: Entry costs are broken down as follows:

  • Men's and Women's QS1000, Junior and Longboard events set by the region
  • Men's QS1500 and QS3000: US$200 maximum, plus tax if applicable
  • Men's QS6000: US$250 maximum, plus tax if applicable
  • Men's QS10,000: US$350 maximum, plus tax if applicable
  • Women's QS1500 – QS6000: US$100, plus tax if applicable

Note that when you select to enter an event, the fee will be displayed.

Q: How do I cancel my entry?
A: Select Cancel Entry on Member Services page. You can also send an email to Include your name, the event name and reason for cancellation.

Q: What is the cancellation and refund policy?
A: Entry Fees are forfeited and non-refundable from the relevant event's closing date. If an injury notification is delivered in writing to the relevant WSL Regional Office prior to 7 days before the relevant event start date, and an approved medical certificate can be produced, the competitor will receive a refund less a US$50 administration fee. All cancellations of event entries must be in writing to a WSL Regional Office. Medical certificates must be dated and produced no later than 48 hours after the respective cancellation or injury notification.

EXCEPTION: Where the Competitor cannot see their choice of a medical professional in which case the WSL Tour Manager will make the decision on whether the evidence provided is adequate.

Q: I received an email when I registered for an event, so am I confirmed?
A: No. The email you get only confirms that the registration was received. Entries are confirmed after the close date. Always check the seed list or entry list after the close date to see if you are confirmed or wait listed.


Q: What is my login ID?
A: Your Logon ID is assigned to you. It will be your first initial and last name, all capital letters, no spaces. i.e. John Smith would be JSMITH; you create your own password.

Q: I forgot my Password. Who do I contact?
A: Contact your Regional Office and request a password reset.


Q: What type of insurance is offered?
A: The policies are supplementary personal accident and travel insurance supplied by Willis Insurance Brokers. This means it does NOT cover health benefit insurance that you should obtain in your own country of residence that would cover any medical costs.

Q: Do I have to purchase insurance?
A: If you are competing outside your country of residence, you must purchase an insurance product as your usual government or private health coverage will not apply. If you are surfing in QS events, you should purchase (or upgrade to) a QS Event insurance.

Q: What does the insurance cover?
A: Short Term: US$325. Allows you to compete in 2 events during the Tour year. Coverage is for the specific event dates. If you decide to surf more events after using the insurance, you must purchase the full Under 21 or Over 21 policy. Under 21: US$370. Coverage begins from purchase date to December 31st of the current Tour year. Over 21: US$650. Coverage begins from purchase date to December 31st of the current Tour year. Tax may apply in some regions.

Q: What does the insurance cover?
A: Each policy has a "Coverage Summary" that you should read carefully before purchasing. It does not cover you for regular medical benefits. You should obtain your own advice when purchasing this or any other insurance to make sure you have the insurance the best suits your own personal circumstances.

Q: How do I file and insurance claim?
A: The "Claim Form" is available for download on the MemberPro, at the end of the "Cover Summary" that would have been sent to your email when you purchased insurance. Please call your regional office manager if you have any questions.

Q: Why is my credit card being declined?
A: We accept most credit and debit cards. We do not accept American Express. The bank that authorizes the transactions is based in Europe. Your credit card company may see this a potential fraudulent charge and block the transaction. If this happens, contact your card company and ask them to waive the block, then contact your regional office manager and let us know what has happened.

Q: My credit card was stolen, lost, or expired since the time I registered for the event. How do I update the information?
A: Unfortunately, you are unable to update the information. When the event closes, and your card is charged, it will be declined. You will receive a notice that your card was declined and that an invoice has been placed in your profile. You can log in and pay the invoice with your new credit card information.


Q: Where can I find my name on the event list?
A: Before the event close date, you can view your name on the WSL Online Membership Management System. Select Event Registration, scroll to the specific event. The last column is titled: List. Click on [+]. After the close date, the list will reflect those that confirmed in the event, and those that are on the wait list. The wait list is also referred to as the alternate list. After the close date you can also view the list by going to the World Surf League site. Select Events. Select the Tour (i.e. Men's Schedule Qualifying Series). Select the specific event. Select Event PDF. Approximately 2 days before the event start date, the seed list is replaced by the event draw sheet.

Q: What does it mean when I see WAIT after my name?
A: All entries will have WAIT after their name before the close date. After the close date the event is seeded, and those that get into the event will have CONF after their name. Surfers that do not get in are placed on the alternate list first by seeding, then by date of registration. WAIT will be after the name.

Q: What does it mean to be an alternate?
A: When you are an alternate, you will see the word WAIT after your name on the entry list. This means you did not have enough seed points, or any seed points to get in the event. Your credit card is not charged. Your place will be held on the list unless you send a cancellation notice to When WSL receives a cancellation from a specific event, the first person the alternate / wait list is automatically moved into the event. Your credit card will be charged at that time. If you get moved into the event and you do not attend, you forfeit the entry fee.

Q: Where do I find the seed list?
A: After the close date you can view the seed list by going to the World Surf League site. In this order, select Events, the Tour (i.e. Men’s Schedule Qualifying Series), the specific event and finally Event PDF. The seed list will be replaced by the event draw sheet approximately two days before the event start date.

Q: Where do I find the draw sheet?
A: Approximately 2 days before the event start date, the draw sheet is posted. Go to the World Surf League site. In this order, select Events, the Tour (i.e. Men's Schedule Qualifying Series), the specific event, and finally Event PDF.

Q: Where do I find event information?
A: Not all events provide information. For those that do, you can view it in two places.

  • WSL Online Membership Management System. Select Event Registration. Scroll to the specific event. Under the event name, in bold print you will you see Click here for Information.
  • WSL Home page. Select Events. Select the Tour. Select the Event name. IF they have provided the information, it will be under the heading Event Guide.


Q: I left an event without collecting my prize money. Who do I contact?
A: Never leave an event without giving your payment information. If you do leave, there is a change you may forfeit your money. Contact your regional office and they will assist you in contacting and collecting from the specific region and event.

Q: I have my prize money check from last year and my bank won't let me cash it because it is outdated. What do I do?
A: A bank is not obligated to pay a check that's more than six months old. Contact your regional office and they will assist in contacting the appropriate region and event director. Be aware, that if you do not cash your check in a timely manner, the event may have closed the books and your money is forfeit.

Q: Where do I find the WSL Rule Book?
A: The Rule Book can be accessed from the WSL Home page. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Rules and Regulations. You can also access the Rule Book from the Member Services page.

Q: How do I apply for a wildcard position?
A: Contact your Regional Office to inquire about wildcard possibilities.


Q: How does ranking for seeding work?
A: All events are seeded based on the previous year's final rankings, up to the mid-year changeover. At the mid-year changeover, current ranks are used till the end of the year. Those with the highest rankings get confirmed into events based on the format size. If there are more entries than what the format allows, the lowest ranked surfers will be alternates.

Q: When do the rankings change from last year to current?
A: Depending on the proposed schedule, the mid-year changeover date is decided by the WSL Commissioner's Office in December of the prior year. It is usually the end of June or early July.

Q: How does regional ranking for QS, Junior and Longboard work?
A: Each region has their own regional Junior, Longboard and QS Men and Women rankings. These rankings crown regional champions in these divisions. Junior and Longboard events within a region, qualify their regional members for the annual World Junior Championships and World Longboard Championships. Regional QS champions receive spots in major QS events.

Q: How are rankings affected when competing in events outside one's region?
A: Junior and Longboard rankings are regionally based. For example, if you are a WSL European member, you receive priority in WSL European sanctioned Junior and Longboard events. You receive points and a ranking that qualify you for the annual World Championships. You may register for events outside your region, but may not get in due to a limited format size. If you do get in, you are eligible to win prize money, but you will not receive points that count toward your ranking. QS events carry a dual ranking, both regional and international. For example, if you are a WSL South American member and surf in a WSL South American sanctioned event, you'll received points for your regional South American ranking and international QS ranking. If you are a North American member and surf in a South American sanctioned event, you receive points for your international QS ranking only.

Q: How many events count toward rankings?
A: On the QS, a surfer's best five results count; on regional ranks, QS, Junior and Longboard, the following scale is used:

  • Up to three events, all count
  • Four events, best three count
  • Five events, best four count
  • Over five events, best five count

Q: How and when should juniors start making the transition to QS competitions?
A: This depends on how good a surfer is. Some juniors have qualified for the CT in a short period of time. Usually a junior competitor will surf both junior and QS events for several years to gain experience and build a ranking on the QS level.

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