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EVENT WINDOW: May 3-7, 2023
LOCATION: Ain Diab beach, Casablanca / Morocco
COORDINATES: 33° 34' 23.197" N 7° 35' 23.436" W
BAGGAGE CLAIM: Casablanca International Airport, Casablanca (CAS)

THE LOCATION: Located on the southern edge of Casablanca, the largest city in Morocco, the Morocco Mall sitting between Madame Choual and Ain Diab beaches, mixes the city vibe with a pristine stretch of white sand and powerful Atlantic waves.

THE HISTORY: Casablanca came up as a new destination in 2015, with combined men and women's QS events, and stayed on tour for three consecutive editions, shining light on a beautiful city and an exciting new place to surf.

It has seen it all conditions-wise, from small playful little peaks to solid lines, offshores and onshores, the occasional foggy layer et a lucky few even found barrels in Casablanca.

The event came back with a Junior event last season, and will continue in 2023 to host the best up-and-comers, under-20 surfers who are the future of European and Moroccan surfing on the WSL tours. Lilias TEBBAÏ and Neil Aboufiras are the best two examples as they'll lead the fields on home turf.

THE WAVE: A mix of sandy and rocky bottom exposed to the large Atlantic swells, provides a large playfield with numerous peaks along the beach. Powerful and tricky, this urban spot attracts crowds when the conditions are right.

Junior Pro Morocco Mall Teaser
The European Junior Qualifying Series head to Casablanca, Morocco for the season opener.
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