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EVENT WINDOW: August 14-17, 2015
LOCATION: Plage centrale, Lacanau / France
COORDINATES: 44.9803° N, 1.0783° W
BAGGAGE CLAIM: Bordeaux International Airport, Bordeaux (BOD)

THE LOCATION: Located west of Bordeaux and just north of the famous Arcachon basin, sits the touristic Lacanau Océan village, with its pristine beachbreaks stretching for miles both north and south.

THE HISTORY: Lacanau is home to one of the oldest European events, the Lacanau Pro. Complementing the original QS event, the Pro Junior divisions have now a long history of crowning upcomming talents from across the Old Continent.

THE WAVE: Sandy bottoms form A-Frame peaks between the jetties and further away from the village center, offering numerous options for the crowds of surfers invading Lacanau during summer. A powerful and fast ride can often produce perfect barrels when the tides shape a good bank.

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