Martinique Day 2
Day 2 unfolds in small surf at Basse-Pointe, leaving only 64 surfers in contention for the inaugural Martinique title.

Action at the Martinique Surf Pro continued in smaller 1-to-2 foot surf at the beautiful Basse-Pointe pointbreak. The remaining four matchups of the second round were disputed over 30-minute heats to give surfers enough opportunities in the lineup.

Rafael Teixeira (BRA) 21, stomped his authority with a display of progressive surfing and powerful gauges on his backhand.

Rafael Teixeira (BRA) Teixeira, full weight on his back-foot. - WSL

"The waves were so good, I love to surf on my backside," Teixeira said. "I train a lot in small waves at home in Brazil so these conditions are fine for me. I'm stoked for that first heat win and I look forward to the next ones."

The young Brazilian showed the variety of his repertoire to mix in slightly different turns and capitalize on the various sections of the wave. His light approach proved efficient to build speed and momentum and hit the power source of the rights on offer.

"I always try to hit it hard out the back, put everything into the first turn," Teixeira explained. "Then depending on the shape of the wave I'll hit it a few more times and try to not repeat the exact same maneuver. "

Kilian Garland (USA) 28, marched through the first heat of the morning, to belt an impressive 9-point ride and the second-best heat total of the day, a 15.50 out of 20.

Kilian Garland (USA) Garland throwing buckets of spray. - WSL

"It felt pretty good," Garland said. "Waves are real fun for how big they are, there's still a lot of push out there. It's a matter of finding the clean-faced one, it's a bit of a wait but when the waves come there's still three or four in the set."

The Santa Barbara local exploited the moving peak perfectly to advance into the third round of competition where he'll be facing top seeds making their entrance in the event.

"I've never been to Martinique or anywhere else in the Caribbean besides Puerto Rico," Garland continued. "I like it a lot, it's really cool. I got here just a couple days ago and focused on figuring out the event wave but I definitely want to go and check it out more in the coming few days."

Derek Peters (USA) 22, completes the list of top scorers on the morning of day 2 in Martinique, with a solid 15.10 combined heat total, including an excellent-scoring 8.43.

Derek Peters (USA) Fins free, Peters on his final maneuver. - WSL

"I started in the round of 112 so I had a heat already yesterday," Peters commented. "I made both heats but now it's all in the past and I got to stay focused and look ahead to the next round. I've had fun the whole time I've been here. I'm here with a friend from Costa Rica who said he'd come and encourage me to compete here. I'm happy I came it's beautiful, it's an awesome place."

Contest officials decided to call off competition at the end of the round of 96 and will reconvene at 9AM on Wednesday to assess conditions.

Nomme Mignot (FRA)
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Nomme Mignot (FRA)
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